I thought #NANOWRIMO would never work for me. Historical fiction doesn’t lend itself to blasting out any old words and hoping they make a story. So far, my HistFic efforts have required some degree of research for nearly every sentence. Writing in an unfamiliar period means zero assumptions.

However, while waiting on Alpha Reader feedback on my first novel, I’ve been planning several other projects. The research all overlaps, meaning I have a much better foundation without having to search through twelve interlibrary loan tomes before moving to the next bit.

As it happens, I’m just about ready to rough in the text of two projects. As such, I’ve decided to use #NANOWRIMO to jack me up and see what develops.

I will start with one novel but allow myself to shift to the other when I get stuck. And I will get stuck. If I run out of steam on these two, I have two others waiting in the wings. If I end up with an enormous pile of random scenes for any of these projects, I will consider it a “win”. With everything else in my life, I can’t imagine getting to 50K words, but shooting high will go farther than shooting low.

I fully expect all hell to break loose now that I’ve put this out here. Besides, it’s still 2020, so anything can happen.

Site Changes

If you follow this blog and are suddenly receiving a deluge of new post notifications, my apologies. I have decided to consolidate my web efforts by merging this site with my Long Ago & Far Away site. That blog has been focused on historical fiction from off the beaten path. It now has its own feed on this site which can be found above in the navigation menu.

Once I have that merge sorted out I will make further updates.

I hope you enjoy some interesting reading while waiting for my own Long Ago & Far Away doorstop. Yes, it is crawling forward.

People ask if the world-wide quarantine has affected my writing efforts. Not so much. You can read about my personal status here.

The photo is just for fun. From my archives.

Be well.